terça-feira, março 30, 2004

Fez-me lembrar uma coisinha.. 

..de outro velho mestre! - Não gozes com os pobres!

"I recently got into a quarrel with an acquaintance of mine. He did not dispute what I had written about the arts and crafts. But the essays on fashion and clothing had rubbed him the wrong way. He reproached me for wanting to put the whole world in uniform.
'What would become of our splendid national costumes?'

Here he became poetic. He thought about his childhood, the lovely sundays in Linz; he thought of the local folk who assembled for church in their festive attire. How glorious, how beautiful, how pituresque! How different everything is now! Only the old people cling to the old costumes. The young ape the ways of city people. One ought instead try to win people back to the old costume.
That would be the task of the cultured and literate man.

'So you think they liked this old costume?' I interjected. 'Certainly'. 'And so you wish that this costume would be retained forever?' 'It is my most ardent desire'.

Now I had him where I wanted him. 'Do you realize' I said to him, 'that you are a truly base and egotistical man? Do you realize that you want to exclude an entire class, a large, wonderful class, our peasant class, from all of the blessings of culture? And why? So that your eyes will be picturesquely titillated as soon as you make your way into the countryside! (...) The peasant - so the saying has already gone for a hundred years - is not a plaything!'"
Adolf Loos, ensaio Underclothes, Setembro 1898


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