quinta-feira, março 25, 2004

Torre de Babel 

"To stay viable after the opening of the tunnel between England and the continent, the ferry companies operating across the channel propose to make the crossing more exciting. Not only would the boats turn into floating entertainment worlds, but their destinations - the terminals - would shed their utilitarian character and become attractions. The original Babel was a symbol of ambition, chaos, and ultimately failure; this machine proclaims a working Babel that effortlessly swallows, entertains, and processes the travelling masses. The theme reflects Europe's new ambition; the different tribes - the users of the terminal - embarking on a unified future."
O.M.A em S,M,L,XL

Projecto para um terminal marítimo em Zeebrugge (1989)
O extracto que transcrevi, aparece como introdução ao projecto.


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