quarta-feira, maio 05, 2004

Onde é que eu já ouvi isto? 

"Any sort of rule or principle that relates to art, regardless of how long it has existed or how fundamental it seems, must be investigable, and when found to be inappropriate or untrue in its very foundations, it must be rejected." (1)

"Designers of the historicist school offend their anti-historicist contemporaries by refusing to recognize any creativity in them. The anti-historicists accuse them of not understanding that art's purpose is to mirror the contemporaneity that surrounds it. Already those who do see and aspire to the new direction are separating into two camps: the 'aesthetic rationalists' and the 'technological rationalists'. The slogan of the first is 'form' and of the second, 'construction'. The 'aesthetic rationalists' see architecture as an art of abstract form, to be composed according to rules that have been established a priori. The 'technological rationalists' approach the problem of form from the other side, and in designing they believe that everything in the parts and the whole must emerge purely in response to utility and construction." (2)

1- Bykovsky, Moscovo (1834)
2- Krasovsky, St. Petersburg (1851)


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