sexta-feira, maio 28, 2004

Sonho - Ctrl C; Ctrl V 

"The presence of a dream is important, too. But how do you make people dream? Maybe by telling a story or using pictures. Isn’t illustration maybe the most efficient way of talking to people? There are conflicts in societies, in cities, and so it is worthwhile to take action and work with what materials you have, the way Venturi did in the 60’s, when instead of refusing the Strep in Las Vegas, he tried to explain the sense it made. It’s when you start with what you’ve got that it works. Whether in the periphery or downtown, the place, the context is extremely important, in the same way it is important to understand the habits of the people and everything that they love about the city. The city, in all its complexity, its tensions, its contradictions, its outskirts. Without, however, forgetting to look at nature, the sky, the wind, the stars."

Doriana O. Mandrelli (sobre a arquitectura de Massimiliano Fuksas) em Anarchitecture

Musee des Graffitis, Niaux


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